Best coffee machines for a large office 2024

Best coffee machines for a large office 2024

Introducing the best coffee machines in 2024!

These machines are a must have for large offices looking to boost staff morale, increase productivity and staff engagement! Coffee has shown to have a direct correlation on employee productivity, so why not offer it to your staff to boost results in the workplace? Here are our top 4 machines for large workforces (100 employees plus):

We have compared 16 machines in this category for over 12 months and here are the results based on using 150 cups per day. 


  1. Melitta Cafina XT6

The Melitta XT6 should be your workplaces new favourite employee! This German manufactured machine offers high quality beverages backed with amazing reliability leading to maximum output with minimal breakdowns. 

Offer your guests something different with the professional milk system: create delicious foam and eye-catching delights with warm or cold milk. The machine offers two separate bean varieties, two different types of milk and two instant options – usually hot chocolate and chai, this machine will let you spoil your staff and guests!

What you’ll like

What you might dislike

Stainless steel brewing unit with ACS:

The stain steel brewing unit adopts technology that automatically adjusts the coarseness, quantity of powder, piston pressure, brewing time and water temperature – ensuring users enjoy the perfect coffee with every cup


Quality machine = quality price.

These machines although not the most expensive machines on the market, are also not the cheapest either, so our advice is for offices to rent these out on a monthly basis, which is a lot cheaper than paying $21,600 RRP for it upfront.   

Wide variety and large outputs of coffee:

This workhorse has a guidance rating of producing 250 cups of coffee per day.  Backed with this is its options to offer its customers, two varieties of coffee beans, two varieties of milk and two instant options (hot choc or chai)


Need plumbing and drainage

The XT6 is better operated when plumbed directly to water mains than running off a water tank.  It is also recommended to connect this machine directly to drainage. 


Professional Milk System:

Professional milk frothing system for hot and cold milk foam, two types of milk to choose from. For foam in variable, individually programmable consistency.


Yearly maintenance service:

Drainage If your coffee machine does high volumes, it is vital to have your machine have a yearly or half yearly service performed on it.  This can be purchased through your coffee service provider.  

Easy and convenient to clean:

It couldn't be easier: fully automatic cleaning of the brewing and milk system directly in the machine. Nothing has to be removed or taken apart. It’s as simple as that: quick, safe and certified hygienic.





  1. Schearer Coffee Soul 12

The Schaerer Soul 12 is Mr Versatility of the coffee machines.  This automatic coffee machine works perfectly for a large office, convenience store, petrol station and even restaurants or café’s.  Boasting a 10.4” touchscreen, the Soul 12 saves precious space with its 33cm width whilst still delivering on quality for every single cup. 

Like its competitor in the XT6, this Swiss made machine offers an advised output of 250 cups per day and prioritises staff usability and quality ahead of everything. 

The high resolution screen, provides effective and attractive display whilst the machine is also video enabled, allowing advertisements or promotions to run on the screen.  This machine also has a Touchless Outlet option that automatically adapts in height according to the cup size of the chosen beverage.

What you’ll like

What you might dislike

Offers great variety to customers including the option of 3 different variety of coffee beans, two different textures of milk and two instant options


It’s a price thing:

These machines start at over $20,000 for a brand-new unit. 


At only 33cm width, this machine is small but can pack a punch! Being able to produce over 250 cups a day makes it the perfect little office morale booster


In our opinion, compared to the XT6, this machine falls a little bit short in terms of its overall quality output.  However, can match it and beat its other competitors. 

Sleek design and great visual interface is perfect for businesses looking to impress its clients as well, with the opportunity to promote its campaigns and advertising on the screen saver. 


Can be costly to maintain this machine in comparison to its alternative competitors. 



  1. Melitta Cafina XT5

Chanelling our inner DJ Khaled “Another One”…for Melitta! The Cafina XT5 is the younger brother of its category winner in the XT6.  The XT5 is very similar unit, offering users the choice between two different textures of milk, one variety of coffee beans and two varieties of instant options. 

The main difference between the XT5 and XT6 is the professional milk system that is used in the XT6 model is not used in the XT5, leaving the XT5 with slightly inferior milk quality texture.  The XT5 can also do large volumes of coffee with an advised limit of 180 cups per day.   

However, the Melitta XT5 comes onto the market, under the $20,000 retail value offering companies an amazing price point proposition. 

What you’ll like

What you might dislike

Machine robustness and reliability.

No professional milk system included in the XT5.  Still offers a great milk quality, it just will not match it compared with the XT6. 


Wide range of products and quality beverages available

The time of clean for the XT5 does take 4 minutes longer than the XT6


Stainless steel brewing unit with ACS:

The stain steel brewing unit adopts technology that automatically adjusts the coarseness, quantity of powder, piston pressure, brewing time and water temperature – ensuring users enjoy the perfect coffee with every cup




  1. Franke A600

The Franke A600 is a perfect blend between consistency and useability.  Featuring the choice of two bean hoppers, two instant options and the potential of two variants of milk.  The Swiss made unit offers a wide range of beverages (including iced coffee options) backed with its quality build ensuring users enjoy minimal down time as well. 

Due to its price points, price for servicing and spare parts and its quality, which drops after months of usage, the A600 has slid down this list to round out the top 4. 

What you’ll like

What you may dislike

Mr Reliabilty.  The Franke A600 has very few breakdowns and operates consistently as long as it is looked after well. 

Price point to purchase the unit and its pricing to repair the coffee machine is very expensive


Wide range of beverages available at the press of a button


Cleaning the machine properly may take longer due to its internal milk containers that can be timely to clean.


Nice sleek design backed with a nice touch screen that is perfect to impress visitors. 

Quality is not up to standard compared to our top 3 contenders