Best coffee machines for medium sized offices 2024

Best coffee machines for medium sized offices 2024

Best coffee machines for medium sized offices in 2024

We look at the best coffee machines for workplaces with a workforce size between 45 and 90 people.  All of our machines are based on price, beverage quality, machine reliability and ease of use.  Here are our top 5 machines:


1.    Dr Coffee F3 Plus

This machine is perfect for medium sized offices that don’t want to break the bank yet provide an amazing coffee experience for its clients and staff members. 

The F3 adopts a professional milk pump that can produce both warm and cold milk foam making it perfect for an office that love iced coffees.  Its quality does not stop there with its quality European rotary pump ensuring the machine produces a quality coffee and in a quick timeframe as well. 

This unit has an advised output of 300 cups per day and can produce up to 200 espresso’s every hour – keeping no one waiting for a coffee due to its efficiency.  Like its competitors, this machine offers both hot chocolate and chai as additional instant options.

What you’ll like

What you may dislike

The F3 comes with a retail value of just under $11,000 making it a great value for money unit

Unlike some other top end units, this machine can only offer one milk texture

Professional milk pump and European rotary pump ensures coffee is made quickly and there is great quality in every cup


Easy to clean machine – cleaning done within 10 mins


Very reliable machine with minimal downtime.  Quick and easy to repair for all issues



2.    Dr Coffee F2 Plus

Similar to its flagship model (F3), the F2 offers users a wide variety of beverages backed with a quality milk and brewer system.  The main difference between the F2 and F3 is the speed and efficiency that the F3 can produce its coffee along with the better texture of milk. 

However, these are one of the best machines going around on the market, retailing for less than $10,000 per unit.  The quality of beverage produced is still excellent and can easily compete with the local café. 

The F2 has an advised output of 300 cups per day and offers coffee beans, chocolate and chai for users. 

What you’ll like

What you may dislike

Great value for money.  Retailing for under $10,000

Does not offer the same milk quality texture like the F3.

Easy to clean unit – takes under 10 minutes

Not as quick as producing a beverage like the F3

Elegant and sleek look – great for an office environment

Lack of milk textures available – can only offer one type of milk texture

Wide variety of beverages and ease of use – simple touch of a button for any beverage



3.    Mellitta Cafina XT4

The Melitta XT4 enters our spot at Number 3.  The XT4s patented professional brewing unit delivers consistently high quality.  Two grinders and the dual instant function (allows for hot choc and chai) ensure flexibility and variety.  Users experience convenience with cleaning done at the touch of button.  The XT4 has an advised daily output of 180 cups and operates on one milk texture.

The only downfall with the XT4 is its premium price tag ($16,000) that follows this German coffee company, although in our opinion it still provides great value for money due to its minimal breakdowns and great coffee it can produce. 

What you’ll like

What you may dislike

Premium machine that provides a great quality beverage.

The premium price tag of $16,000 makes it a fair bit more of an investment compared to its competitors.


Minimal breakdowns, machine is very well known for its reliability

Allows for one milk texture



4.    Necta Kalea

The Necta Kalea deserved to be on this list due to its remarkable quality and longevity in the automatic coffee game.  If maintained well, this Italian designed robust machine offers great quality coffee backed with a strong reliability.  The Kalea comes in two forms offering users the choice between two coffee bean hoppers and one instant or one coffee bean hopper and two instant options.  This gives offices the choice between having two different flavours of coffee or offering both choc and chai to its employees and clients.

Like many of its competitors in this field, it is very easy to clean the unit with a simple touch of a button.  Coming in at a retail price point of $9,600, the Kalea is on the premium end of our mid-tier coffee machines and this is one of the rare faults with the Kalea. 

What you’ll like

What you may dislike

Great overall machine offering quality beverages. 

Premium price of $9,600 might discourage offices from purchasing a unit considering the several other cheaper options available

Elegant design and great variants of this unit allows users to customise their machine according to its needs

Brewer needs to be serviced every 6 months to ensure that it produces quality coffee in every cup

Repairs are usually on the cheaper side and parts are regularly available with the supplier having a big presence in Australia



5.    Dr Coffee Minibar

The minibar is one of our favourites in this category.  It is severely understated, when considering the quality of coffee that it is able to produce along with its great milk texture due to its automatic milk pump.  Retailing for around $5,000, this coffee machine is a must have for offices looking to boost staff morale while not breaking the budget at the same time. 

The minibar has very little break downs and offers businesses the choice between being directly plumbed in or running of an internal water tank.  This is the perfect office machine for smaller medium sized businesses. 

What you’ll like

What you may dislike

Large coffee bean hopper, meaning less time spent refilling

Only offers one instant option

Easy to clean and operate


Elegant, compact and reliable machine perfect for a small kitchennete. And great value for money, retailing around $5000