Reasons why employers should provide a coffee machine for staff

Reasons why employers should provide a coffee machine for staff

Reasons why employers should provide a coffee machine for staff

My first job working for a marketing firm was where I got exposed to the amazing experience of employers providing coffee consumables and machines for the workplace.  I always thought it was out of the kindness and generosity of our senior management, but I was wrong! Providing coffee and a great coffee machine improves staff productivity, engagement, impresses clients and reduces costs. 


1. Staff Morale

Introducing a coffee machine to the office is an easy and cheap way of drastically improving staff morale.  It has been proven that staff morale has increased by 16.3% when workplaces have introduced coffee machines.  Staff morale is increased but on top of this, employers can enjoy better staff engagement with the introduction of coffee. 


 2. Staff productivity

One of the biggest factors of supporting a coffee machine in the office is the results of greater staff productivity.  On average, employees have an increase in productivity of over 10% compared with employees that are not provided coffee. 

Workplaces should keep in mind that by providing a quality coffee machine would lead to less time wasted by employees who want to step out to get a morning coffee. 


 3. Create an amazing experience for clients

If your business relies on impressing clients, then a coffee machine is the perfect solution for you.  Offering great coffee provides clients with an amazing experience and will usually link external add ons such as coffee to a premium service or product.  This is also ideal for clients who have to wait for appointments or a service to happen as having a coffee can reduce the perception of the wait times. 


 4. Reduce costs

Providing beaned coffee can actually reduce office costs.  Automatic coffee machines in the office increases employee efficiency by reducing the amount of time wasted heading to a café for coffee or time to manually make a coffee.  Having a company provide and service a coffee machine will also lead to a reduction in costs of having to get an employee of having to order instant coffee, sugar, milk and other small office requirements.  Lastly, when comparing the cost per cup of instant coffee vs coffee beans, it can actually work out cheaper to use coffee beans, thus reducing the average coffee spend per month. 


Coffee Bean

Instant (15g per cup)  $1.06 per cup average cost

Coffee (18g per cup)  $0.50 per cup average cost

** This table above is using Nescafe Gold at the cheapest price vs Coffee Beans paying $30 per kg.