What questions to ask your next coffee company that will supply your office?

What questions to ask your next coffee company that will supply your office?

What questions to ask your next coffee company that will supply your office?

When deciding what coffee company is the perfect fit for your business, it is important to understand the following questions as this will play a huge part in how happy they will make your workplace with their coffee experience:


  1. What are the prices?

This is the most important part to pick coffee machines and coffee consumables that fit your budget.  For businesses working on a tight budget, we recommend preferencing a good quality coffee machine over everything else.  A good coffee machine can even make average coffee beans and consumables taste great.  Furthermore, quality machines will also keep costs low throughout the coffee machines life as there will generally be less breakdowns and parts needed.  Great coffee machines will also have a much larger life span, leading to lower average yearly costs. 

Take a look at our best coffee machines in 2024!


  1. What type of coffee beans are you using? Freshness? Coffee grade? Etc

The most important part in understanding the quality of coffee beans being supplied to your office will be the quality of coffee beans being supplied. 

Coffee Grade: It is important to know the grade of coffee beans being supplied (Grade 1, 2, 3 or 4), Grade 1 will be the highest quality and Grade 4 has the least quality.  The different Grades will affect the quality of your coffee. 

Freshness: Ideally, you want to taste fresh coffee beans that have been roasted within the last two to four weeks.  This is the optimal time to experience a nicely fresh brew!

Type of coffee bean: Your office will want a nice balanced and versatile blend that can offer drinkers the perfect blend for both black and milk coffees. 

These three factors and the volume of coffee your office drinks will determine the price and quality of your coffee. 





  1. What type of coffee machine will you be providing?

This is vital to your coffee experience! It is important to get a coffee machine that is fit for purpose and can handle your workplaces volume whilst being able to produce quality cups of coffee. 

Going with a quality machine is important to reduce your coffee machines breakdowns and downtime.  Refer to the top 5 coffee machines for small, medium or large businesses to help decide the right machine for you. 



  1. Can you provide me with a reference?

Like getting a reference for a job candidate, it is good due diligence to get a reference for your coffee machine provider.  This will give you a good indication into the quality of: service, machine and coffee consumables you will receive. 


  1. How often will you service/clean my coffee machines?

This key point is very important! The more regular the service, the better your coffee machine will perform.  It is important to get a coffee machine company that is very reactive to problems and service.  The more frequent the service will almost always lead to a better coffee experience at your workplace. 

If you are a large company (90 employees +) you may want to get a daily service to ensure your employees do not need to worry about the cleanliness and servicing of your coffee machine.  See our 360 degree service for an example of a daily service!

A medium company (45 to 90 employees) may want to get a weekly or bi-weekly service to ensure machines are kept clean and operating at optimal standards.  And a small company may want a weekly to fortnightly service. 


  1. Service and repair costs

This is a budget killer! It is important to understand what is covered under warranty and what isn’t.  Sometimes, spending more on a good machine is better to reduce the overall repair costs on the lifetime of a coffee machine unit. 

Good value coffee providers will usually do a monthly service free of charge for most large and medium businesses.