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Dr. Coffee Minibar is perfect for an office, convenience store, meeting room or public spaces.
Offering users a fully coloured LED screen this machine is perfect for coffee drinkers wanting a perfect coffee at a budget price.

This machine offers the following:

* 200 cups per day

* Internal 4L tank or plumbing connection

* Provides coffee and hot chocolate drinks

* Lightweight unit at just 26kg

Purchase price: $4985

Monthly rental cost: $400 per month OR free on loan with the purchase of 4kg of coffee beans per week

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Melitta xt4

The Melitta®Cafina®XT4 provides quality in the cup for both the host and every guest. This is clear from the drinks it produces time after time and the high level of reliability and it's low maintenance requirements.

Users benefit from:

* Daily cup output of 180

* Offers coffee, hot chocolate and chai drinking options

* Amazing quality coffee output and amazing milk pump producing perfectly textured milk

* Automatic cleaning setup - ensures cleanliness 24/7

Purchase price: $13,500

Monthly rental cost: $450 per month or free on loan with the purchase of 5kg of coffee beans per week.

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Dr Coffee f11

The F11 offers a pioneering brewing system can meet your need for both non-pressurised regular coffee and pressurised espresso.

It's innovative grinder with ceramic flat-type blades accurately grind the coffee beans into unified-size powder, bringing out the unique flavour of the coffee.

Some of its other key features are:

● The 7” touch panel is easy to use, direct and efficient, by which customised coffee is just at your fingertips.

● The combination of enlarged bean hopper, water tank and grounds container can easily cope with peak hour demand.

● Different ways of water supply and self-clean mechanism can deal with any occasions.

  • Advised daily output 100 cups
  • Water tank capacity Small Tank: 2L / Big Tank: 8L
  • Beans hopper capacity 1.2kg

Purchase Prise: $3800

Monthly rental cost: $300 per month or free on loan with the purchase of 3kg of coffee beans per week.

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great coffee experience with a small footprint. Space should never get in the way of taste. With the A300, it’s all about the moment when the professional coffee experience opens up to absolutely everyone. With its intuitive, easy-to-use interactive screen, patented automatic EasyClean system, exclusive to Franke, and consistent in-cup quality, the A300 is ideal for smaller restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, offices, universities and anywhere else where space limited. This machine is ideal for 30 to 50 employees.  

Key Features:

500g hopper capacity

500g powder capacity

10 amp power (single phase)

100 cups daily output per day

Purchase price: $9,800

Monthly rental cost: $700 per month or free on loan with the purchase of 7kg per week.

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Have a look at our popular selling coffee beans, chai and hot chocolate range. We can work with any budget, so if you can't find something you like, just drop us a line and we can help