Best coffee beans to try in 2024 - Worksite edition

Best coffee beans to try in 2024 - Worksite edition

The best coffee beans to use in 2024! Coffee worksite edition!!

Coffee beans used in automated coffee machines will be a lot different to the coffee beans you will find at your local café.  The importance of getting this right is to ensure that you have something for everybody in your workplace – keeping everyone happy.  Most coffee beans can be adjusted to work really well on automatic coffee machines, ensuring they have been adjusted with a good coffee bean recipe. 

We have judged the coffee beans based on quality, taste and price. 

Here are our top 5 coffee beans to try on your automatic coffee machine at your workplace:

  1. Gigante Coffee

Gigante Coffee is well known in Melbourne, supplying to many restaurants, hotels, cafes and other food and beverage entities.  Known for their excellence in sourcing high quality beans and roasting crowd pleasing flavours, Gigante is definitely a small roaster that is worth trying. 

Mokacino blend

The Mokacino blend is crafted to deliver a harmonious fusion of caramel, butterscotch and vanilla, creating a creamy and velvety coffee experience.  This medium roast blend provides drinkers with a full-bodied coffee experience with little acidity, making it a very popular choice amongst coffee connoisseurs. 


  1. Whitehorse coffee

Whitehorse coffee does all of its roasting in Sydney, Australia.  Having started out as just a café in Flora St, Sutherland, Whitehorse coffee has grown into a flourishing coffee business known for its quality blends that are designed specifically for both automatic and espresso machines. 

Hokey Pokey Blend

It is no surprise to our experts to see Whitehorse coffee on this list! Especially their Hokey Pokey Blend that offers drinkers a unique blend that is looking for a full-flavoured coffee with silky sweet notes.  This multi-origin blend sources its coffee beans from Brazil, Ethiopia and India. 


  1. Bean Barn Distributors Coffee

The Bean Barn Distributors offer amazing coffee for worksites.  Having a general focus on offering strong flavours with minimal bitterness we can see why this company is making big strides across Australia.  Focusing on providing its customers with freshly roasted coffee and quality grade beans, clients can enjoy their range of medium to dark roasts at great price points. 

The Manhatten

Our favourite goes to the Manhatten which is a premium blend of handpicked Brazilian Arabica coffee, washed Colombian Arabica and PNG Arabica beans renowned for their exceptional quality. The blend's offers hazelnut and chocolate flavour notes backed with a nutty aftertaste.  Roasted in Melbourne, this smooth, full bodied and medium roast coffee is perfect as either a black coffee or milk coffee.  


  1. Dimattina Coffee

For seven decades, this family run business has been serving coffee, focusing on producing amazing hand crafted blends.  The Dimattina’s not only source exceptional quality coffee beans but also contribute to the growth and prosperity of the coffee farmers and the communities they operate in.  Try Dimattina coffee is a must!

Easy Street

Easy Street is a slightly sweet premium blend that raises the bar by offering something truly unique.  The biscuity dark cacao and sweet nuts of Brazil San Coffee meet the smooth overripe strawberry and blueberry of Ethiopia Gelana to create a harmonious and balanced cup.  It is 100% naturally processed espresso blend that is versatile enough to suit both milk based and black coffees.   



  1. Mocopan

We will let you in on a little secret! Moccapan supply 7Eleven and McDonalds with their coffee roasting needs!  The coffee roasting giant are known for their quality, range and ability to develop blends that have something for everyone. 

Having toured their facility in late 2023, our experts are not surprised at all that one of their blends have made our top 5 list this year.    

The Mocopan Smooth As

A sublimely smooth and well-rounded blend of Arabica beans, producing a full bodied flavor, sparkling acidity, super rich crema and an irresistible aroma. With tones of chocolate, caramel and a dash of cinnamon spice. These impeccably balanced flavours are guaranteed to please and are roasted fresh ensuring users experience the delights of freshly roasted coffee beans! 

The Smooth As range is sourced from arabica beans from India, Columbia and Papua New Guinea.  The full-bodied blend has a medium roast, which allows its subtle flavour hints to shine in the cup.